The ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut debuts March 18th on HBO Max

Snyder was the original director of Justice League, but he had to leave the project during post-production for personal reasons. Joss Whedon stepped in and put together a seemingly far different version after extensive reshoots. The film received humdrum reviews when Warner Bros. released it in 2017. 

Many fans have been convinced that Snyder planned a darker (and hopefully better) cut of Justice League and ran a social media campaign for Warner Bros. to release that version. They’ll soon get their wish, and Snyder’s edit has lofty expectations to meet. 

WarnerMedia reportedly ponied up over $70 million for the re-edit, including some extra filming, so the move is a bit of a gamble. But HBO Max has shown that high-profile movies can drive more subscribers. The arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 last month boosted signups to more than 41 million.

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