Samsung Galaxy Buds update brings connectivity issues along with new features – Gadgets News

Samsung Galaxy Buds update brings connectivity issues along with new features - Gadgets News

Samsung Galaxy Buds update brings connectivity issues along with new features – Gadgets News

Samsung recently started rolling out a new software update for its first-generation Galaxy Buds that was touted as the major update for the device and brings several new features from Galaxy Buds+ such as Swift Pair, Ambient sound, etc to the device. However, it seems that the latest update has started creating problems for several users.

According to the report by SamMobile, several users have started posting on social media and Samsung’s official forum about the connectivity issues after the update, irresponsive gesture controls, unstable ambient sound mode. In contrast, some users have reported inconsistency in sound output as well. Some users have even reported about the complete failure of the left earbud after the update.

The entire problem is a part of the recently released firmware build R170XXU0ATD2 for Galaxy Buds with which Samsung was planning to bring some latest and greatest Buds+ feature to old devices. However, Samsung, as of now, has not commented anything about this issue or the reason behind it. But as we know, the entire chaos has happened because of the latest software update. Another software patch might fix them.

For those unaware, Samsung rolled out the update two days back that brings features like Microsoft Swift pairing, improved ambient sound mode and ability to resume the playback from the popular music apps.

Among others, the ambient sound was the most touted feature that now allows Galaxy Buds users complete control over how they want to tune in and out the ambient sound. Also, the function now automatically turns on, unlike the previous update where users have to do it manually using the companion app.

Tim Cook

Latest Apple gadget’s production behind schedule, will come out at one month past iPhone 12, reportedly • The Register

Production of the iPhone 12 is reportedly running behind schedule, as Apple wrestles with supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a travel ban imposed by the Chinese government.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is around one month behind schedule. This echoes similar reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, who is regarded as one of the most accurate soothsayers of Apple’s intentions.

The iPhone 12 series is expected to be radically different from previous models, with a design that apes the current-generation iPad Pro. Apple is expected to return to a flat chassis, which was last seen with the 2016 iPhone SE. Four devices are reportedly planned, each packing a 5G radio, and using Apple’s upcoming 5nm-process A14 platform.

This delay will potentially push back the date of the iPhone 12’s release. Like clockwork, Apple has traditionally launched its mobile products in September, with the exception of minor devices like the iPhone SE. It is arguably the most reliable event in the consumer tech calendar.


Wall Street analyst worries iPhone is facing ‘2nd recession’ after 2019 annus horribilis


And, unfortunately for Apple, it’ll likely have a knock-on effect on the firm’s bottom line for its busy Q1 that falls in the Christmas period, with build estimates for its phones cut by as much as 20 per cent. The iPhone represents a significant part of Apple’s business, and each year, the latest models represent the lion’s share of that figure.

iPhone sales have slumped in recent years, as users hold onto their phones for longer than usual. Last year, Cupertino sold fewer than 200 million units for the first time since 2015. And with consumer spending plummeting in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s feasible the iPhone will continue to shrink this year.

In February, Apple advised investors it would miss previously projected revenue forecasts due to production struggles. These woes have continued beyond the first quarter, particularly due to the inability of Apple engineers to travel to China to assist with prototype assembly. The WSJ claimed Apple staffers have been told to assist their Chinese colleagues via video call, rather than collaborate in person. ®

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Forgotten Apple gadgets

Forgotten Apple gadgets

Written by Anuj Bhatia
| New Delhi |

Updated: April 28, 2020 10:19:03 am

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube If you lived through the 90s, more than likely you remember these gadgets made by Apple (Image credit: Uelef/Wikipedia Commons) The image has been cropped to fit the web page.

Apple has a long and illustrious history…a company that is perceived as more than a tech firm. In its 44 years, Apple has revolutionised the smartphone and PC industries, created many new product categories and developed new business models. Under the watch of Steve Jobs, Apple has delivered many hit products: Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad. And the culture of innovation still continues with Tim Cook at the helm.

The best collectors gadgets to buy online [top purchase tips included]

While you may be familiar with the Apple Watch, AirPods and MacBook Air, not many know that Apple has dabbled in a number of segments where it failed to convince consumers of the value of those devices at the time. Here is a list of Apple products that were just ahead of their time.

Apple Pippin

In 1995, Apple debuted its game console in Japan, followed by a wider release in the US in 1996. Called Pippin, the game console was the result of a collaboration between Apple and Japanese company Bandai. Apple built the internals, while Bandai handled the exteriors including the casing, controls, and packaging.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube (Image credit: Evan Amos/Wikipedia)

Based on Macintosh architecture, Pippin was designed to be a multimedia game console that could also connect to the internet, something that made Pippin a fascinating device. Unfortunately, the console’s high price tag of $599 and poor selection of games made Pippin obsolete soon. Pippin remains the only game console Apple has ever made.

iPod Hi-Fi

A year before Apple debuted the iPhone in 2007, the company introduced the iPod Hi-Fi. Although many companies tried to make iPod-powered speakers before, they didn’t offer home stereo quality. Apple in a way reimagined the home stereo market with the iPod Hi-Fi. The device was huge, a single white box with a 30-pin dock connector to dock your iPod. The iPod Hi-Fi was controlled using Apple’s universal IR remote.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube Image credit: Teófilo Ruiz Suárez/Flickr)

While it was a great speaker with excellent audio quality, the iPod Hi-Fi only worked with third-generation iPods or those that came after. Many also found the $349 price hard to swallow. The iPod Hi-Fi was discontinued in 2007 after being on the market for 20 months.

Newton MessagePad

The Newton MessagePad was Apple’s bold attempt at creating a personal digital assistant (PDA) way back in 1993. It might not have been a huge success, but it did pave the way for mobile devices. The Newton’s biggest feature was handwriting recognition which allowed users to write on the device’s screen with a stylus and the Newton would translate the handwriting into digital text. It also had an infrared networking capability that lets you beam emails and messages from it wirelessly.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube (Image credit: Rama/ Wikimedia Commons)

On paper, Newton seemed to be a perfect device, but the execution was flawed. The handwriting recognition was bad and the data transfer was slow. Apple released seven models in over six years before the Newton line was killed by Jobs upon returning to the company in 1997.

Apple QuickTake

At a time when John Sculley became the CEO of Apple, the company ventured into the consumer camera market. The QuickTake 100, released in 1994, was built by Kodak. This was a time when digital cameras were still in the infancy and $700 was a lot of money to pay for Apple’s QuickTake.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube Image credit: Hannes Grobe/Wikimedia Commons)

The QuickTake wasn’t a commercial success per se, it did pioneer the digital camera market. It had a binocular-like design and captured images at 640×480 and could snap eight photographs. The QuickTake was essentially a 0.3MP camera. A total of three models were released before Steve Jobs discontinued the QuickTake lineup after taking the charge of Apple in 1997.

20th Anniversary Mac

If you thought the $5000 Mac Pro is expensive, think again. On March 20, 1997, Apple released the 20th Anniversary Macintosh, or TAM for $7,499. The limited-edition computer showed Apple’s design prowess and the ability to sell a $7,499 all-in-one PC to consumers in the late 1990s. It was designed by a young Jony Ive. The TAM wasn’t another AIO.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube (Image credit: Morn/Wikipedia)

The Mac was pitched as a complete home entertainment solution with a 12.1-inch LCD screen, a custom Bose stereo speaker, leather palm rests on the keyboard, a built-in TV / FM tuner and remote, and a CD-ROM drive. The machine was constructed with gold-colored plastic, fabric, and Italian leather. Only 12,000 units of TAMs were made. The device was so exclusive that a person in a tuxedo would come and set up the Mac at customer’s homes. If you are interested in the 20th Anniversary Macintosh, you can still buy used ones on eBay for upwards of $2000.

Macintosh TV

Imagine a Macintosh that doubles as a TV. Well, in 1993, Apple did launch such a product that could be used as both a computer and cable-ready television. The Macintosh TV essentially used a 14-inch Sony Trinitron CRT display and the included card-sized remote could be used to control it. The Mac resembled a Macintosh LC 500 series, but it was fitted with a TV tuner that converted into a fully-backed TV set.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube (Image credit: Ben Boldt/Wikimedia Commons)

A device that combines a Macintosh computer, a cable-ready TV set, and the ability to play CDs through the stereo system was unheard of at that time. One big issue with the Macintosh TV was that it was too expensive. Arguably, the biggest disappointment of the Macintosh TV was that you could not watch TV and use the Mac at the same time. The all-back coloured Macintosh was only released in the US. Apple only manufactured 10,000 units of the Macintosh TV before killing the machine four months after its launch.

Apple PowerMac G4 Cube

Twenty years ago, Apple introduced the revolutionary PowerMac G4, a computer that came in a tiny eight-inch cube. Rather than sticking to a traditional tower design, Jony Ive thought of creating a computer that was an eight-inch cube suspended in a thick, translucent base. The design was to give the impression that the machine was floating in the air. The G4 Cube was fanless, making it extremely quiet.

Image credit: Binarysequence/Wikipedia)

The machine was an experiment of sorts of creating a computer for those who want the goodness of an iMac but don’t need all the power of the G4 Tower. The lack of expandability and low-end specifications miffed many power users. In July 2001, even before the device completed a year, Apple discontinued the G4 Cube. The $1800 might not be the massive success Apple had originally anticipated, the G4 Cube remains the company’s best-looking Mac ever created. The New York Museum of Modern Art has a G4 Cube as part of its collection.

iSight camera

The one Apple device no one remembers is the iSight camera. Introduced at WWDC 2003, the iSight was Apple’s external video conferencing camera. The iSight sold for $149, and was the most expensive external web camera of its time in the market. Not many remember this, but the iSight was the first Apple product to be crafted out of aluminum.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube (Image credit: Eyesight/Wikimedia Commons)

The iSight was designed to be mounted on the Mac’s display or on your desk. It featured a 1/4-inch CCD sensor with a F/2.8 aperture lens and a resolution of 640x480p. One of the best parts of the iSight was a mechanical privacy shutter that could be opened and closed by twisting the ring around the lens. It also came with a dual-element microphone for noise suppression. The iSight was designed to work with the PowerBook G4 Aluminum, iBook G4, and the iMac G4. A year later, Apple included a built-in web camera in the iMac G54. The iSight webcam was officially discontinued in 2008.

eMate 300

Long before the iBook was released, Jony Ive designed the eMate 300. Targeted primarily at the educational market, the eMate 300 was the first and only Newton-OS device that had a keyboard and a stylus. The eMate was visually appealing, just like any other Jony Ive’s designed product. It had a distinctive design with translucent colored plastic casing, a curvy clamshell body, and carrying handle. It ran on Newton OS and came with handwriting recognition, stylus and up to 28 hours of battery on a full charge.

Apple, Apple vintage, Apple retro gadgets, Apple Pippin, Apple eMate 300, Apple 20th anniversary Mac, Apple Newton, Apple iPod Hi-Fi, Apple iSight camera, Apple G4 Cube (Image credit: Elvis untot/Wikimedia Commons)

Incidentally, the eMate 300 was also the first Apple notebook to run on an ARM processor. And yes, it supported a touchscreen display. First introduced in March 1997 for $800, the eMate 300 was discontinued, along with the entire Newton line in 1998. Many regard the eBook 300 as the forward-looking laptop of its time. The eMate 300’s design influence can be seen on many Apple products, including the iMac G3, iBook and Power Mac G3.

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best tech gadgets

10 essential tech gadgets to boost productivity while working from home

Much of the world’s population has been forced to work from home as millions of frontline workers continue to tackle coronavirus. As comfortable as remote working may be, limited access to appropriate tools and tech gadgets can hinder productivity.

From finding the perfect camera to choosing the best mouse, tech gadget options are seemingly endless.

Whether you are a working-from-home expert or are still struggling to find your place, we’ve rounded up some of the best tools to help you succeed during your home office experience.


Apple AirPods

Price: A$215 via Amazon
Benefit: Wireless headphones

There is a reason Apple AirPods have reportedly become the company’s bestselling product since their launch in 2016.

Not only are they lightweight, space-saving tech gems, but they also offer audio quality unlike any other wireless Bluetooth earbuds, making for a perfect addition to any video-conference call.

Best tech gadgets

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Price: A$226.71 via Amazon
Benefit: Wireless microphone and speaker

If you’re stuck on hours-long conference calls every day, then the Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone changes the way you make calls.

With six microphones, enhanced voice pick-up, 24-hour call time, Bluetooth 5 and USB-C, the conference speaker is compatible with leading platforms – saving you the pain of having to hold a phone to your ear for hours on end.

Best tech gadgets


Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Price: A$110 via Officeworks
Benefit: Ideal for corporate meetings

If you’re participating in video conference calls daily, or even weekly, then it may be time to consider using a webcam.

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is suitable for corporate meetings, as it provides a better image than the in-built cameras of desktops or laptops. With a quality camera, you won’t need to apply the Zoom ‘touch up my appearance’ filter.

Best tech gadgets

Logitech StreamCam

Price: A$229.95 via Logitech
Benefit: Perfect for content creation

We all know quality content is key, so what better way to produce TV-worthy videos than with Logitech’s StreamCam.

Compatible with Windows and Mac, the camera boasts pristine image quality, dual front-facing microphones and versatile mounting options with USB-C connectivity.

Best tech gadgets

Kogan LED Ring Light

Price: A$49.99 via Dick Smith
Benefit: Flawless video quality

Take those video calls up a level with studio-quality lightening with the Kogan 8-inch LED Ring Light.

Whether you have to present to a team during a video call or are being interviewed for a television program, the LED Ring Light will provide the best lighting for a professional video.

Best tech gadgets

Tech gadgets and accessories

LAPOD Lap Desk

Price: A$159 via Objct
Benefit: Work from anywhere

Anyone working from home is well versed on the benefits of setting up a study area rather than using your couch, but some days the comfort of your sofa is hard to ignore.

Feel that little bit more professional with a LAPOD Lap Desk. Inside the felt pod, you can store your important office supplies while the lid provides a stable laminated bamboo platform from which to work.

Best tech gadgets

Kogan Gaming Monitor

Price: A$469 via Kogan
Benefit: Productivity made easy

It can be tiring having to stare at a small laptop screen for eight-hour days, not to mention difficult to be productive when working across several documents and spreadsheets.

A monitor is the easiest quick fix for your home office. The Kogan 29-inch Curved Ultrawide FreeSync Gaming Monitor is built with a premium Samsung panel while providing high resolution and fast response. It also minimises eye fatigue.

Best tech gadgets

Google Nest Hub

Price: A$199 via Google
Benefit: Daily planner

Whether you have to juggle homeschooling while you work, or you have endless hours of meetings and priorities, the Google Nest Hub can be the perfect desk buddy for keeping tasks organised.

From receiving the latest news from your favourite sources and listening to inspiring business podcasts to controlling the lights in your home, there isn’t much the hub can’t do – making it one of the best tech gadgets around.

Best tech gadgets

Increasing comfort

HyperX Wrist Rest

Price: A$60.33 via Amazon
Benefit: Cooling gel, memory foam and anti-slip

Avoid the perils of working at a computer all day with an ergonomically designed wrist pad that sits alongside a keyboard.

The HyperX Wrist Rest is rated one of the best thanks to its cool gel memory foam, anti-slip grip, durable construction and design to fit full-sized keyboards.

Best tech gadgets

SOHO Ribbed Management Chair

Price: US$235 via Laura
Benefit: Comfortable yet stylish

Perhaps one of the most contemporary home office chairs, the SOHO Ribbed Management Chair by Laura Davidson not only looks the part but will also ensure your working days are full of comfort.

Boasting washable leatherette and a height range from 17–21 inches, it’s suitable for all at-home professionals.

Best tech gadgets

Image: Laura Davidson Direct

Struggling to find the perfect working from home balance? Here are four ways to work anywhere and be successful.