Raspberry Pi Magazine features new HQ Pi camera and more

Raspberry Pi Magazine

Raspberry Pi Magazine

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or those looking to start using the awesome mini PC, will be pleased to know that the latest official Raspberry Pi magazine issue 93 is now available to download. This month’s issue features the new Raspberry Pi High Quality camera launched yesterday, explaining everything you need to know about the interchangeable lenses and new Raspberry Pi camera module. As well as plenty of other features and articles including how to work from home with a Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi camera

“Raspberry Pi 4 is seeing a boom in use as a desktop computer for the home. Whether you’re working with Raspberry Pi, or learning, or looking to do video chat; Gareth Halfacree’s Work from home feature has all the information you need.”

Raspberry Pi camera

MagPi magazine issue 93 features :

– Make a Sense HAT rainbow display. Bright colours put a smile on most peoples’ faces. Join the rainbow parade with a light display.
– Get started with the High Quality Camera. Find out how to set up the new Raspberry Pi camera, connect it, and take your first shots and videos.
– Make an Etch-A-Sketch. Use rotary encoders to create a special Etch-A-Sketch device.
– ZX Spectrum Next reviewed. Raspberry Pi Zero adds audio and realistic loading to this reimagined ZX Spectrum computer
– Learn Java and Electronics. Let’s get started with Java 11 with Raspberry Pi and some basic components
– Explore the Internet of Things. Upgrade your home – or just have some fun – with these amazing IoT projects
– The 10 best upcycling projects. Have some old tech lying around your home? Get inspired to recycle it…
– Learn JavaScript with Raspberry Pi. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages out there. PJ Evans opens his code editor
– Win! HQ Cameras, 6mm lens kits and our new Official Raspberry Pi Camera Guide 132-page book.

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